Amateur League 2017/2018

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Amateur League also will take place in season 2017/2018. Ten stages during the season. Event fee (two games) – 80 EUR. You are welcome to send your applications until previous week’s Friday evening.

Amateur League is tournament serial, what’s going on during weekends and where anybody can take part no matter level, discipline (women, men, mix, junior, senior or wheelchair). Season 2016/2017 winner is team Vonda&Co, but most successful players – Janis Vonda un Sanita Saulgrieze. How they will do this season?

Organizer of Amateur League next season – Ieva Rudzite, e-pasts : . Please send your application in time, so the Schedule could be ready more timely.

Stage 1 : 2./3.September

Stage 2 : 23./24.September

Stage 3 : 7./8.October

Stage 4 : 4./5.November

Stage 5 : 25./26.November

Stage 6 : 16./17.December

Stage 7 : 10./11.February

Stage 8 : 10./11.March

Stage 9 : 21./22.April

Stage 10 : 5./6.May