• 16 teams are divided in 4 groups. Teams play round robin within their group.
  • After group stage all teams are ranked in Total Ranking by:
    • win / loss
    • head to head result
    • DSC (5 shots counted, the single least favourable result is automatically eliminated). First two teams of the group are playing playoff.
  • First two teams of the group are playing playoff.
  • Last two teams of the group are playing for 9th-16th place.

  • All games will be played by the WCF rules (unless otherwise specified below or before Tournament).
  • All games 8 ends. No ties. If game tied after 8 ends extra end(s) should be played to determine winner. 
  • Practie time before round robin game – 4 minutes, before play-offs – 3 minutes.
  • In Group Stage: after practice team has to deliver 2 DSC shots (one clock-wise, one counter clock-wise) to determine, which team gets hammer for the first end.
  • Timed Games:  22 minutes thinking time per team; 90 seconds break between ends; no break for coaches after 4th end.
  • Time-outs exist. 30 seconds for coach to reach closer end of the rink, 60 seconds for further end of the rink.
  • Tournament will have Umpire, who will solve arguments (if any), add scores online.
  • During games if stone measurement is needed players do it themselves. DSC shots are measured by umpires.
  • Players put results on scoreboard themselves after each end.
  • Players put the stationery stones themselves (position number two).
  • First team in Schedule: practice first and plays red stones. Games marked with * before the time made a coin toss. Winner will have the choice of first or second practice.
  • Throughout all playoff games the higher ranked team in their respective group will have first choice for either stone placement in the first end or stone colour. In case of equally ranked teams facing off, the team with the better DSC will have the first choice.

There is a possibility for each team to book practice time on Wednesday or Thursday morning.  For participants 20% discount of regular price.   

Schedule of games will be published as soon as all teams are confirmed.

Game times will be added shortly.

Kērlinga Halle. Please see more on

Organizers don’t provide transportation.

Public transportation. There is a trolley stop next to RIJA Hotel Riga VEF. The stop at the end is about 10 minutes walking to Curling Rink. More information you can get:

Taxi. You can use taxi from Airport to Hotel. Price around 25-30 EUR. There are always a lot of taxis at the airport. One-way price from Hotel to Curling Hall is around 8-10 EUR. We suggest BalticTAXI. More information you can find:

You can use cheap taxi by using APP “Bolt”. More information :

Via Organizers you can book rooms in RIJA Hotel VEF

Prize pool: 1000 EUR