Schedule 1


Schedule 2


* Games are timed (one minute between ends).

* Players put results on scoreboard themselves after each end.

* During games if stone measurement is needed players do it themselves. LSD shots are measured by umpires.

*  Players put the stationery stones themselves (the position will be announced before first game).

* 8-end games. Draw doesn’t exist, an extra end is played.

* For win team gets 2 points, for loss – 0 point.

* Practice time before first 3 rounds – 4 minutes. After practice 1 minute for each player to deliver LSD shot (total 6 LSD shots for each team in tournament).

*  First team in Schedule: practice first and plays red stones.

* First team in Schedule: practice first and plays red stones.

* After 3 rounds all teams are ranked in the group by 1) win/loss 2) head to head result 3) DSC (all 6 shots counted). First two teams of the group are playing playoff and other two teams are playing Consolation Cup.

* Throughout all playoff games the higher ranked team in their respective group will have first choice for either stone placement in the first end or stone colour. In case of equally ranked teams facing off, the team with the better DSC will have the first choice.