LMDCC-II Schedule



*  Players put the stationery stones themselves. The guard stone (A) is positioned in the second position from the house.

* Games are timed (one minute between ends).

* Players put results on scoreboard themselves.

* During games if stone measurement is needed players do it themselves. LSD shots are measured by umpires.

* 8-end games. Draw doesn’t exist, an extra end is played.

* For win team gets 2 points, for loss – 0 points.

* Practice time before first 4 rounds – 4 minutes. After practice 1 minute for each player to deliver LSD shot (total 8 LSD shots for each team in tournament).

* After first, second, third and fourth group game, teams are ranked by 1) points 2) head-to-head winner 3) lowest sum of LSD. Game 2, game 3, game 4 in each group is played:  1 vs 2, 3 vs 4, 5 vs 6 and 7 vs 8.

* First team in Schedule: practice first and plays red stones.

* After 4 rounds all teams are ranked in their group by 1) points 2) head-to-head winner 3) lowest LSD (all 8 shots counted). First four teams from each group are playing playoff and other eight teams are playing for 9th, 11th, 13th and 15th place.

* Fifth, sixth and seventh round: practice time – 5 minutes. No LSD shots. Higher ranked team (1. points, 2. lowest LSD – all 8 shots counted) gets rights to choose hammer.

* 2 teams cannot play each other twice in first 4 rounds. It can be possible only in play-off games.